Election Fact Checks

This page will keep track of all statements that can be proven or disproven with reliable data that I see or hear regarding Ranlo as the election season goes on. I will provide a link to the sources I used to check the truth of the statements so voters can verify the facts for themselves. I will also include screenshots of the source of the original statement when possible.

I believe that facts should drive all our decisions and this will be one of the ways I put this in to action as both a candidate and a Commissioner if I am elected.

I have also created a separate page to fact check the statements made during the candidate forum that can be read here

This is true.
Source: NCSBE
This is not showing the most accurate picture due to rounding. Ranlo has 12 officers per the Revised FY22 budget. The population of Ranlo is 3,368 as of 2019 according to US Census Bureau Estimates
The city of Gastonia has 178 officers per their FY 2021 proposed budget. The US Census Bureau estimates the population of Gastonia as 77,273
This works out to 3.5 officers per 1000 citizens for Ranlo and 2.3 officers for 1000 citizens for Gastonia
This is incorrect. Ranlo has a population density of 2060/sq mile. Gastonia’s population density is 1511/ sq mile.
True: The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction issues licensure for teaching in North Carolina
The facts cited here are true within a reasonable margin of error to account for different estimating methodologies. The facts are cited within the post from a reliable source the NCOSBM. The final population numbers may adjust slightly when the data from the census is released.
There are two items in this exchange to fact check.
It is not true that water bills doubled with the rate increase. The increase is approximately 33%. Hypothetical example is below assuming 1000 gallons of usage and 2 garbage cans.
It is true that as the city of Gastonia increases its Ranlo must also do so. Ranlo is utilizing Gastonia’s water utility to provide water to to the town and water and sewer would operate at a deficit if rates didn’t increase as costs increase.
Line Itemold water rates new water ratespercentage differencedollar difference
inside water$6.41 $7.7517.29%$1.34
inside sewer$6.41$7.7517.29%$1.34
base charge water$4.00$7.0042.86%$3.00
base charge sewer$4.00$7.0042.86%$3.00
storm water$1.80$1.800.00%$0.00
trash 2nd can$3.00$9.0066.67%$6.00
totals $34.62$52.3033.80%$17.68
The former Town Manager and Police Chief was in both positions when Lynn Black was elected Mayor. However Tim Anderson was Police Chief while Lynn Black was a Ranlo Commissioner
Source: https://www.gastongazette.com/news/20191224/whats-happening-in-ranlo-theres-new-town-coordinator-acting-police-chief
Multiple items to fact check in this thread.
The festival was cancelled due to Covid concerns.
The Commissioners voted unanimously to postpone the festival.
Source: I attended the Commissioners meeting in August and the decision was announced here https://www.facebook.com/TownOfRanlo/posts/354188982906209
False: Jonathan Blanton received a full scholarship to attend the conference
source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/RanloChatter/posts/1006356079929978/
Two false statements here lacking context. Covid vaccines don’t kill people and they are effective at preventing infections.
Source The CDC
This is embarrassing. I failed a fact check on my own post. There is a deduction available for charitable contributions in 2021 for people taking the standard deduction. I was previously unaware that the pandemic related deduction was extended.
Source The IRS
The item in question here boils down to does the Mayor have the power to enforce a vaccine mandate. The town ordinances do not grant this power. The powers and duties are laid out here
This is unverifiable with available records. I was unable to locate definitive public sources for the education levels of previous town managers. The current town manager has impressive educational background with a Master’s degree in Public Administration as well as being a licensed attorney.
Ranlo and Lowell have roughly the same size Police department (12 vs 11 officers including the Chief) Lowell does have a larger expense allocated in their budget for the Police Dept with $1.33 million for Lowell vs $0.95 million for Ranlo.
Source: Lowell and Ranlo Budget
The amount of spending on entertainment has actually been decreasing for the past several years when reviewing the Recreation budget- $125k in 2019, $117k in 2020, $112k in 2021 and $73K in 2022.
Source: Ranlo Budgets and Audits
There’s multiple layers to this post and a lot to verify in the post itself as well as the comments. I’ve given the fact check a dedicated page for the sake of consolidation
This article and video debunks that Covid is less dangerous than the flu, citing the CDC for statistical support.
Herd immunity has not been reached so unvaccinated people do in fact present a risk to the general public. This article from the American Medical Association further explains the concept and need for herd immunity.
It is important to verify any argument that is presented as “studies show” without citing a specific study. When someone supports their viewpoint in such a manner they are committing the logical fallacy of faulty authority
This is true. There is a waiting list for Mountain View per the Gastonia
Housing Authority

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