Why I’m Running

I’ve decided to run for the office of Town Commissioner for several reasons. I believe that Ranlo is a town poised for growth and if that growth is not shepherded by the town’s leaders, Ranlo will lose the small town feel that inspired my wife and I to choose it as our home. I believe that by sitting as a Commissioner I can make the decisions that will let us all benefit from the growth without losing the character that makes Ranlo a great place to live. In addition, I want the town to be able to include all its citizens in the decisions that impact them through making the facts available. I believe that there is opportunity to do this through technology such as digital publishing and easily accessible public meetings. Finally, I believe we all have the obligation to leave the world a better place than it was before we came in to it. I’d like to do my part locally by improving the quality of life for all Ranlo citizens.

I’ve lived in Ranlo since 2017 with my wife and our small menagerie of pets. We moved here from Pennsylvania as result of my employer relocating my job. When we looked for a home, we found that Ranlo offered the best combination of access to the benefits of a city with the friendliness of a small town. We purchased a home in the Woodside at Mountain View subdivision and started our life here. I’ve served as the President of the Board of Directors of the HOA since its inception. This has given me the opportunity to meet with the Ranlo PD that helps keep our community safe.

Professionally, I lead a team of computer engineers and software developers for a large communication company. Prior to my current role leading that team, I worked my up through the ranks, starting as a customer service representative and moving up to engineering and management. This experience as being part of team and leading teams has given me skills that will translate well to the responsibilities of a Town Commissioner. I know how to build consensus when there is differing opinions and how to make decisions based on the facts presented by others. In addition to my work experience, I also have an MBA from Western Governors University.