Charity Challenge to All Candidates and Current Office Holders

The current salary of the Board of Commissioners and the Mayor is $1250 per year. I will be donating 20% of my potential pay ($250) as a Commissioner to charity, regardless of the outcome of the election. If I win the election, I will double the contribution to 40% ($500)

To be completely transparent, I would have been donating similar amounts to charity whether I ran for office or not. I don’t gain a tax write off for it, although I did get one in 2020 because of the pandemic related changes to tax laws.

I challenge everyone running for office, as well as those Commissioners not up for re election this year to match my actions with an equivalent donation to the charity or charities of their choice. If we all step up to the challenge we are looking at a total contribution to charities of $3000 or $4000 if the winners of the seats all double the contribution.

I also encourage any citizen of Ranlo to use the election as an excuse to donate as much as they can afford to their favored charity.

I would split my contribution between the following charities. All of them are meaningful to me for personal reasons and do good work either locally or nationally.

Animal League of Gaston County

National Multiple Sclerosis Society

American Diabetes Association

Receipts from the donations are below with personal information redacted

click on the image to view full size

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