December Fact Checks

Now that the election is over, I’m finding that there’s still a need for fact checking related to the town of Ranlo. I’ll be using this page to track and fact checks statements related to things that impact the citizens of Ranlo, as well items that come up during town meetings.

There is no federal law that mandates allowing chickens to be raised in residential areas. The saying “a chicken for every pot..” is commonly misattributed to Herbert Hoover but he never actually said it.
Source: Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs
The rules and regulations regarding emotional support animals often get conflated with laws around service animals. Under federal law there is no provisions for emotional support animals.
Source United States DOJ Civil Rights Division
NC law doesn’t specifically address this other than following the lead of the federal laws.
Abandoned, Nuisance, and Junk vehicles are defined under the this ordinance. I suspect this definition is being used:
 “As authorized and defined in G.S. § 160A-303.2, a vehicle that does not display a current license plate lawfully upon that vehicle and that:

      (1)   Is partially dismantled or wrecked;…”
The ordinance however does allow one such vehicle as long as they are covered completely.
“One junked, nuisance, or abandoned motor vehicle, in its entirety, can be located on a lot in use as a one- or two-family residential property, if the vehicle is entirely concealed from public view from a public street and from abutting premises by an acceptable covering. Such covering shall be kept in good repair and shall not be allowed to deteriorate. The Town Manager is authorized to determine whether any junked, nuisance, or abandoned vehicle is adequately concealed by an acceptable covering as required by this provision.”

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