How I Would Have Voted- June Commissioners Meeting

I went through the minutes for the past several months of meetings of the Ranlo Commissioners and looked at the items voted on or proposed for a vote. How I would have voted on each issue and why is below

June Meeting

2022 Budget- Passed 4-0. I would have voted in favor. The budget is well constructed and accounts for all needed spending keeping the current constraints in mind

Proposal to increase the utility deposit.- Not seconded- I would have seconded this motion for a vote. An increased utility deposit would protect the town from potential defaults and reduced the amount of bad debt being written off. I would have added to the proposal an inclusion of a means test to allow waivers or a reduction based on income.

Fee Schedule- Passed 4-0. I would have voted against the fee schedule for its lack of inclusion of an increase in the utility deposit

Resolution Supporting Extension of Train Line to Gaston County – Passed 4-0. I would have voted in favor of this resolution. I strongly believe that Ranlo and all of Gaston County Benefits from better public transportation that potentially reduces traffic.

Proposal to apologize to former Chief Tim Anderson- Not Seconded. I would have spoken against this proposal as well. There should be an investigation if there’s an appearance of impropriety by a public official and no apologies should be made for a proper investigation, regardless of outcome.

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