My Proposals for New or Revised Ordinances

If elected, I would like to introduce several new or revised ordinances for the benefit of Ranlo.

The first ordinance I would introduce is based on the 27th Amendment to the Constitution. I believe that all the current Ranlo Commissioners are people of honesty and integrity but that may not always be the case. This ordinance would disallow Commissioners from voting themselves a raise. Any raise voted on would not take place until there was a completed election.

I would repeal § 93.29 of the current Ranlo ordinances. It prohibits playing ball in the streets or even a game of catch. Its an outdated ordinance and has no reason to still be on the books. Kids should be allowed to play catch wherever they want.

I would also like to strike or modify § 130.99 paragraph 2 from the Ranlo ordinances. It prohibits loafing, lounging, or loitering without visible means of support. Laws like this one have historically been used for oppression of minorities and as a way to bypass the 4th Amendment protection of probable cause for search. Ranlo needs to ensure that the mistakes born out of the ignorance of the past become lessons from the history books- not items in the laws of the town that nobody bothered to get rid of.

I also would propose a series of ordinances to restrict and force rental companies to be good citizens of Ranlo. I’ve gone in to more detail on this and the need for it in this post.

If elected Ranlo Commissioner I would have aggressively pushed making the Ranlo ordinances available online and searchable for the citizens of Ranlo. I would like to thank current Commisioner Jamie Fowler for making this happen before I even had a chance.

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