Attracting the Right Businesses to Ranlo

I see a lot of people stating that Ranlo needs to have more businesses in order to stop taxes from increasing. This is not an attractive message to potential businesses looking for a home. A business owner wants to know how the location they choose will help their business grow and not how their taxes increase the town’s revenue.

Its certainly true that a successful business in Ranlo is good for the tax base. The more successful they are, the greater the taxable value of the business. Instead of asking how much tax revenue a new business can bring to Ranlo, we should be promoting how many sales the citizens of Ranlo can bring to that business.

Ranlo has a lot to offer businesses. The median age of our population is younger than the rest of North Carolina. We have a greater percentage of families with children under 18 than the United States as a whole. The median household income is as good or better than the neighboring towns. The crime rate is low. There’s a large amount of potential customers in a relatively small geographic area. All things that businesses look for in potential customers.

I think that the makeup of the people of Ranlo lends itself well to being a home for professional and service based businesses such as doctors, lawyers, accountants, and the like. Families need the services these businesses can offer and now we all leave Ranlo if we need a checkup, need some legal advice, or want help doing our taxes.

The current Commissioners have laid a good groundwork over the past few years to revitalize and build the brand of Ranlo as a good place to do business. If I was to join their ranks I would continue to support these efforts with a focus on bringing in these service based businesses.

When Ranlo succeeds in attracting these types of businesses it helps all of Ranlo. These businesses will need to hire people to run them. The offices they open will hire landscapers to maintain their grounds. Employees will spend their paycheck at the other nearby businesses. The employees and patrons of these business will grab a dog from Will’s or get their car inspected at Ms D’s. Each new business that Ranlo attracts grows all the businesses around it as they succeed.


    1. I respect that you differ in your opinion with me. I’m certainly not opposed to attracting different types of businesses to Ranlo. What kind of businesses would you like to see in Ranlo?

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