How I Would Have Voted- March Commissioners Meeting

I went through the minutes for the past several months of meetings of the Ranlo Commissioners and looked at the items voted on or proposed for a vote. How I would have voted on each issue and why is below

March Meeting

Resolution to solicit proposals for repair of Boulder Court- Passed 5-0. I would have voted in favor of this. Ranlo needed to seek funding and find companies that could repair the deplorable condition of Boulder Court.

Resolution to Request Congressional Aid for community funded projects- Passed 5-0. I would have also voted in favor of this. Ranlo should be seeking funding from the federal government at every opportunity. The more Washington D.C. pays for the less impact there is on local taxes.

Reduction of the Salary of the Town Manager and Commissioners- Passed by consensus. Before I say how I would have voted, I want to recognize Jonathan Blanton for the most selfless act of servant leadership I have ever witnessed. His offer to reduce his salary to share in the sacrifices he was asking the people he leads to make shows his unselfish and courageous nature. Truly Ranlo is blessed to have him working for us. I would have voted to accept his offer and also in favor of the reduction of the pay for the Commissioners. It was the right action for all in leadership role to take.

Motion to consider hiring an additional police officer- not seconded. I would have seconded this motion for it to have further consideration. The Ranlo PD is challenged with the demands of running a 24/7 service for the community. I would like to hear more arguments pro and con and see it to a vote.

Motion to consider raising the pay of the Ranlo PD- not seconded. I would have seconded this. Ranlo is at a disadvantage when it comes to attracting and retaining officers because the base pay is below market rate when you look at towns nearby with similar demographics. We need to be competitive in pay and benefits with our Police department so we can get and keep the best officers available.

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